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LED Finance For Sports Pitches.

We can offer finance for LED lighting for schools, sports clubs and businesses, this brings substantial savings compared to regular lighting systems, and maintenance free.
The finance options we recommend will consider: your needs, the projected life span of the LED lighting system and financial savings available when making the investment.

Our aim is to provide you with funding which allows you to overcome the significant impact on your cash flow associated with the upfront capital investment.
Eco-friendly: LEDs reduce electricity consumption and save you money with cheaper bills
Lower Maintenance: LEDs last much longer than conventional bulbs meaning
maintenance inspections can be less frequent.
Structured Terms Over 3, 5- and 7-Year Periods – This allows organisations to
continue with their LED install with a structured payment plan that suits.
Pay with Your Savings – With up to 80% savings made by switching to LED Lighting the savings made will outweigh the cost of the lease.
Fixed Payments – Fixed payments for the whole term of the lease with inflation
10-year warranty on all LED Lighting – Giving organisations peace of mind knowing
that if any LED luminaires fail within their operational lease, their academy can request a replacement free of charge.
Full Ownership – One final payment at the end of the operational lease to transfer
full ownership of the LED Lighting to the client

Next Steps: –
To get started simply call and tell us about your project we are more than happy to come to site and discuss the project with you face to face or we can have a chat over the phone first
of all, we will also be able to discuss the funding options available to you for your project.

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