Appointed to The RFU Floodlight Contractor Framework 2018-22


All lighting requires maintenance on a regular basis to prevent failure or damage. Regularly changing lamps can prevent damage to the control gear providing longer luminaire life. A planned maintenance scheme will help prevent failure and disruption to your work. We will change lamps, ignitors, these will be removed from site and disposed of as per the hazardous waste regulations 2005. Direct Sports Lighting will then replace them with only branded lamps like Venture, Osram, Philips or GE. Using branded lamps means they have a better lamp life and a lamp replacement cycle can be calculated dependent on usage.

All access equipment is supplied free of charge.

We have every type of raise and lower available to us and can service, repair and maintain all lighting systems installed.

To ensure you’re getting the best performance out of your sports lighting. Up to 30% of a floodlight’s output can be lost through an accumulation of dirt, depending on the pollution levels on site. Simply by instructing Direct Sports Lighting to professionally clean the glass on your floodlights, you’ll boost light levels significantly.

We recommend a lux test is undertaken every 2 years on all lighting systems to keep to the correct lux levels required. We undertake lux tests for all lighting systems.