LED Sports Lighting

We are very happy with not only the end product of 5 lit pitches, plus a training area and other lights, but also the journey to achieve it built on mutual trust

LED Sports lighting

Direct Sports Lighting specialises in the delivery of innovative lighting solutions for stadiums, training areas, all-weather pitches, indoor facilities, outdoor football and rugby applications, aqua centres and many other critical sporting arenas.

Our clients include international, national and club stadiums for all sport types as well as working with small and medium sized contractors, who are commissioned by sport development clients.

Our aim is to provide you with funding which allows you to overcome the significant impact on your cash flow associated with the upfront capital investment.

Through our experience we know that the needs of each sporting environment vary, for example;

• Aqua centres, leisure pools, indoor and outdoor training pools often have demanding atmospheric conditions which require high quality, trouble-free and long-lasting lighting solutions.

• Golf driving ranges are usually key supplementary source of income for many clubs, effective, low-cost and low-maintenance lighting is essential to maximise facility availability, customer satisfaction and revenue streams.

• Show jumping, evening race meets, gymkhanas, dressage and many other equestrian disciplines require artificial light solutions that can extend training and event duration, optimise scheduling flexibility and increase revenue generation.

• Professional and high-level sports stadia require only the very best so that viewing can be optimised both inside the stadium and on televisions screens around the world. Alongside this failure rates must be non-existent; events cannot be delayed for both revenue and reputational reasons.

Whatever the sport, stadium or arena size, or the lighting requirements, Midstream offer in-house design services to create full lighting packages with a breakdown of the luminaire numbers, complete installation, handling and maintenance guidance, as well as detailed mounting instructions to support the installation teams.Performance is everything.

The Direct Sports Lighting Offering

Sport and stadium lighting with LED technology requires the right products with the right level of expertise to deliver results in line with the design specification.Our knowledge of high-power lighting means we are the right choice to design and deliver your next project for stadium, arena or recreational use facilities.

Our range of high-power LED lighting products, developed for this sector, allow us to deliver projects to the most exacting specification, whether working to FIFA or UEFA rules, or to local government or sporting bodies’ requirements.
Whether the target is a new-built stadium or upgrading of existing sport and track facilities, we can deliver energy savings and improvement in lighting conditions, reduced glare and optimised controls.

We offer:
• Full turnkey solutions: from start to finish DSL have you covered, whether you’re in design or planning phases, product supply or installation.
• Extended Service & Warranty
• Best in class product innovation
• New build & easy retrofit solutions
• The highest standards for all: Whether smaller facilities or the largest of stadia
• Guaranteed Quality via European manufacturing and standards control
• Proven Energy savings to support yourenvironmental goals
• Reduced cost of replacement and maintenance meaning less downtime
• Fully integrated solution for remote control and management.

The challenges of delivering products with very high power and advanced thermal management properties, at a cost that is economically viable, has been the research focus of Midstream from it’s foundation. Those challenges have been successfully met with a suite of proven LED products suited to a full range of application sectors and performance criteria.

• Significant energy savings vs Metal Halide
• CAPEX savings from reduced power connection costs
• Reduced backup generator capacity
• Smart control capability and dimming functions
• Robust construction for all-weather play
• Instant on/instant off
• FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, FIH, MLB, IBAF, ITF design Compliant

Sports Pitch Lighting Design

Experience matters, not just in product development but in every aspect of the design process also. Our in-house design team have years of experience and knowledge in generating compliant designs for complex projects whether newly built or on existing infrastructure.

We work on some of the world’s most critical infrastructure and with some of the world’s leading design engineers on projects around the globe, from small island aerodromes, port terminals, international transport hubs to sports stadiums and playing fields.

Our design offering
We offer a full lighting package to our clients, which includes a fully compliant design to local and international standards with a breakdown of the luminaire numbers, complete installation, handling and maintenance guidance, as well as detailed mounting instructions to support the installation teams. The package includes a lux value chart and a financial investment analysis model. We support our clients from concept and master planning to commissioning and hand over.